Longevity Vision Fund (LVF) was founded by Sergey Young and a team of investment and scientific experts in 2019 to invest in technologies with the potential to disrupt life sciences and healthcare to help people live longer and healthier lives. Its mission is to accelerate longevity breakthroughs and to make them more accessible and affordable to everyone.

LVF’s key focus areas include health tech, longevity, and biotech companies across the following sectors:

  • Therapeutic & Drug Delivery Platforms
  • Medical Technologies & Devices
  • Preventive Medicine & Early Diagnostics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare


LVF has grown its portfolio to 18 companies across therapeutic platforms, AI-enabled drug discovery, and diagnostics. LVF was honored as a World Changing Idea in Impact Investing by Fast Company in 2021 and 2022, along with the top 15 leading impact investing funds.

Sergey Young, the Founder, is a longevity investor and visionary with a mission to extend the healthy lifespans of at least one billion people and make longevity more affordable and accessible to everyone. Following 20 years of investment expertise managing PE & VC funds, he founded LVF to invest in leading biotech companies targeting the underlying causes of aging.

Sergey is on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR) and an Innovation Board Member at XPRIZE. Sergey is also transforming the world, one workplace at a time, with his initiative Longevity@Work – the first non-profit corporate longevity program of its kind.

As the author of the bestselling book ‘The Science and Technology of Growing Young’, Sergey has also been featured as a top longevity expert and contributor on CNN, Fox News, and Forbes.