• Gene therapy platform with an AAV discovery platform targeting specific tissue types in a broad range of diseases

    Founders: David Kirn, David Schaffer, Theresa Janke, and Melissa Kotterman

    IPO in 2020: FDMT (NASDAQ)

  • Integrated healthcare platform pioneering a fully integrated, AI-based drug discovery and development engine

    Founders: David Berry, Flagship Pioneering

  • Cancer detection platform using blood tests (liquid biopsy) as a noninvasive alternative to surgical biopsies

    Founders: Gabriel Otte, Riley Ennis, and Charles Roberts

  • Encapsulated cell therapy platform that can treat serious chronic diseases without fibrosis or immune rejection

    Founders: Flagship Pioneering, Robert Langer and Daniel Anderson

    IPO in 2020: SGTX (NASDAQ)

  • AI-based drug discovery platform dedicated to finding novel solutions for targeting cancer and age-related diseases

    Founders: Alex Zhavoronkov

  • Gene writing platform capable of writing and rewriting small and large therapeutic messages into the genome

    Founders: Geoffrey von Maltzahn, Jacob Rubens, Flagship Pioneering

  • Endless RNA platform with novel circular RNA medicines capable of expressing therapeutic proteins inside the body

    Founders: Noubar Afeyan , Avak Kahvejian, Flagship Pioneering

  • Digital stethoscope platform (software, AI, heart sound and ECG sensors) for cardiovascular health diagnostics

    Founders: Connor Landgraf, Jason Bellet, Tyler Crouch

  • Handheld ultrasound platform with a high-quality imaging device at low cost, leveraging AI and an intuitive software

    Founders: Sandeep Akkaraju, Janusz Bryzek, Yusuf Haque, John Kokulis

  • Organ regeneration technology enabling a patient’s own lymph nodes to be used as bioreactors to regrow functioning organs

    Founders: Michael Hufford, Eric Lagasse

  • Aging clocks platform utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms to develop novel tools for aging research

    Founders: Alex Zhavoronkov (a spin-off from Insilico Medicine)

    Acquired in 2020: 575:HK (SEHK)

  • Wearable biosensor platform based on a novel skin applied needle free transdermal biosensor patch

    Founders: Joshua Windmiller, Jared Tangney

  • Intersystems Biology platform focused on molecular connections between botanical, bacterial, and human cells

    Founders: Flagship Pioneering

  • Longevity biotech holding developing therapies for age-related diseases by focusing on the pathways of aging

    Founders: David Sinclair, Tristan Edwards

  • Ecosystem of drug developers building a portfolio of therapies and technologies covering every major area of aging research

    Founders: James Mellon, Gregory Bailey, and Declan Doogan

  • Distributed drug discovery company building a portfolio of assets targeting multiple indications in age related diseases

    Founders: James Peyer, Christian Angermayer

  • Clean meat focused platform investing in lab grown and plant based alternatives of traditional meat

    Founders: James Mellon

    Publicly traded: ANIC (LON)

  • Health and wellness centers delivering predictive, preventative, personalized and data driven healthcare services

    Founders: Robert Hariri, Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins